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31 January 2018

micro:bit MicroPython Coding Tutorials

It's easier than you think to begin coding in MicroPython with the micro:bit board.
My straightforward, step-by-step tutorials will to guide you through the coding process.
Have fun!

Getting Started

   • Introducing the micro:bit

   • MicroPython Coding in 4 Simple Steps

   • MicroPython Coding with the Mu Editor

LED and Button Coding Tutorials

   • Build a Countdown Timer

   • Display Images and Animations

   • Create Custom LED Images

   • Capture Button Presses

Sensor Coding Tutorials

   • Access CPU Temperature Sensor Data

   • Capture Accelerometer Movement Gestures

   • Accelerometer Gestures Dice Shaker

   • Accelerometer Spirit Level

   • Magnetometer Compass

Image Animation Tutorials

   • Image Animation Code

   • Image Animate Class

Discover More

You might also be interested in my post about using the Thonny Python editor with the micro:bit.

And for more information on the MicroPython language navigate to the official MicroPython website.

Try My Free Raspberry Pi Python Coding Tutorials

1 January 2018

Python's Popularity Soars

Python is an increasingly popular coding language. In fact, recently the IEEE Spectrum organisation put Python at number one in its programming languages popularity ranking; above C, Java, C++ and C#.

In other words, there's never been a better time to learn the Python language or extend your Python coding skills. Here are a few ideas.

Raspberry Pi

With well over 12 million boards in circulation the Raspberry Pi computer has undoubtably helped Python's impressive adoption rate. Start your Python journey with my free 'Learn Python on the Raspberry Pi' coding tutorial series.


Discover how to code MicroPython programs that run on the micro:bit board, using either a web browser or the free-to-download Mu editor. Tutorial code examples cover interacting with the LED display, A and B buttons plus the built-in sensors.


If you're a Minecraft fan then why not use the hackable Raspberry Pi Minecraft edition to write Minecraft Python code. Other development options include writing Java code using BlueJ.

Astro Pi Data Analysis

The newly launched Astro Pi Mission Zero initiative is designed to encourage young people to create Astro Pi programs. The winning programs will be uploaded and run on the International Space Station (ISS).

In the past I've shown how to explore the downloadable Astro Pi CSV data, associated with Tim Peake's ISS mission, and the related Python Date Filter post.